Big Bucks and Turkeys from Willacy County, Texas

The brushlands of Willacy County  are excellent habitat for White-tailed Deer and Wild Turkeys. The foraging must be very good for these big animals because they are common and grow to pretty big sizes. Willacy is where I go when I want to get good shots of deer and turkey and a recent trip resultedContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , , ,

Resident Waterbirds from South Padre Island

In late August, the breeding birds of South Texas have raised their young and became less conspicuous. Nevertheless, even though colorful bird species like the Altamira Oriole might not be singing as much, the wetlands and mud flats on the coast offer more than enough birds to look for and photograph. One of those choiceContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , ,

Go Birding in South Texas on South Padre Island to see Migrant Shorebirds

South Padre Island is one of the better spots for seeing shorebirds in Texas as well as in the entire country. The rich mudflats there and other sites on the gulf coast play host to thousands of sandpipers, plovers, egrets, and other aquatic species during both fall and spring migration. A recent jaunt over toContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , ,

Groove-billed Anis and other Birds in South Texas

There are a few different types of habitats in south Texas. Over on the coast, there are lagoons and marshes. Subtropical forest, palm groves, and oxbow lakes occur along the riparian zones of the Lower Rio Grande, and open fields and arid habitats are found at many inland sites. The hot and dry character ofContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , ,

Bobcats, Chachalacas, and More from a South Texas Summer

The heat wave that is presently hugging the country is reminiscent of what it feels like during summer in south and east Texas. Drink lots of liquids, don’t do anything strenuous, and try to stay cool! That’s what I do to stay healthy while birding in southern Texas in the summer. I’m just careful aboutContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , , ,

Bird Photos from Laguna Atascosa in Early July

Laguna Atascosa is always worth a visit. No matter when you go, photo opportunities present themselves and who knows, maybe you will end up being one of the lucky few who sees an Ocelot! Although I wasn’t lucky enough to glimpse one of those endangered spotted felines on a recent visit, I still saw aContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , ,
Male Black-Necked Stilt and Chick

Momentous Day

I had been monitoring this black-necked stilt nest for 3 weeks and for the last several days eagerly awaited to see if any of the eggs hatched. Well, Friday was the day! One of the 3 eggs hatched probably Friday morning. I observed the chick walking some, so wobbly I thought it was going toContinue Reading Tagged With: , ,