Some March Marsh Birds from South Texas

Southern Texas has its fair share of hot, arid habitats but it also plays host to excellent wetlands. Marshes are particularly good for birds because there is always something to see and photograph. Unlike woodland birds, many of the marsh species come out into the open or will come to the edge of the marshContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , ,

Some Avian Sights from Bahia Grande, Texas

January and February in South Texas might not be as exciting for birds as spring or fall but there is still plenty to see and photograph. Lots of wintering birds take advantage of the fish, crustaceans, and other small creatures that live in the lagoons and wetlands along the coast. With that in mind, lastContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , ,

A White-tailed Hawk Catches a Snake and a Hooded Merganser Gets a Fish in South Texas

Recently, I went looking for Aplomado Falcons in their usual haunts but ended up seeing a few other choice birds instead. The fact that I missed the falcons shows how rare this species really is. However, whenever you go looking for falcons or other wildlife in South Texas, you always end up seeing something good.Continue Reading Tagged With: , , ,

Some November Highlights from Birding and Wildlife Viewing in South Texas

The past two weeks have been good for lots of birds and wildlife in South Texas. The wildlife refuges and protected lands in this part of the country are always good for birding but November is probably one of the best times of the year to become acquainted with the subtropical habitats around Harlingen, SouthContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , ,

Amazon Kingfisher, an Extremely Rare Vagrant to South Texas

This past weekend was one of the busiest times in South Texas for birders. Hundreds of birdwatchers from all over the country have visited the area for the Rio Grande Birding Festival and with so many birdwatchers around, some rare species were bound to be discovered. The rarest species by far has been an AmazonContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , , ,

Autumn Animal Colors in South Texas

In South Texas, we may not have a brilliant display of leaves changing from green to various shades of yellows and reds, but we do have a fine display of beautiful animals and flowering plants. Sometimes it takes a bit of looking around to find those colors but they are there, especially when you lookContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , , , , ,

An Aplomado Falcon with Prey in Cameron County, Texas

The other day, I took a break from taking pictures of migrants and snapped shots of one my favorite subjects, the Aplomado Falcon. This beautiful falcon has been reintroduced to prairie and other open habitats of South Texas and is always a pleasure to see. The bird above had caught some small mammal and perchedContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , ,

Still Lots of Migrants and other Wildlife Photo Opps at South Padre Island

Migration continues to be good at South Padre Island as well as at Resaca de la Palma State Park in north Brownsville. The more birds there are, the better your chances of getting good shots. While I didn’t get stellar photos of  Rose-breasted grosbeak, Couch’s Kingbird, Nashville Warbler, and  Gray Catbird, I did get niceContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , ,

Lots of Birds on South Padre Island Last Weekend

Fall migrants don’t just fly up into the night sky and wing their way south whenever they feel like it. They need to eat enough to have the reserves necessary for flying hundreds of miles and even when they have more than enough fat reserves, still don’t take chances with the weather. They wait forContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , ,