Brown Pelicans flying in close formation

Brown Pelicans

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Brown Pelicans are big beautiful birds that are native to South Texas. This collection includes images of a group of pelicans I saw to today.

Young Coyote

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Coyote: I have seen and photographed so many coyotes during the past two months I’m starting to see them in my sleep. This particular coyote, seen off Lakeside Drive, came so close I could no longer photograph it and instead started talking to it. Hey, what else could I do? Tagged With: ,
Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting: I stopped by a little cove at the big lake at Laguna Atascosa because I saw a ringed kingfisher. The kingfisher left before I could get any pictures, however, so I decided to wait a few minutes to see if it would return. A little later, I saw what I thought was aContinue Reading Tagged With:
Male Black-Necked Stilt and Chick

Momentous Day

I had been monitoring this black-necked stilt nest for 3 weeks and for the last several days eagerly awaited to see if any of the eggs hatched. Well, Friday was the day! One of the 3 eggs hatched probably Friday morning. I observed the chick walking some, so wobbly I thought it was going toContinue Reading Tagged With: , ,
Snowy Egret

Wednesday Photos

Had some good sightings today, including 4 rare yellow-green vireos at Sabal Palm. While looking for the vireos, we came across a bobcat on the trail. That’s the third bobcat I’ve seen in six days. There’s evidently two groups of yellow-green vireos and about six birds altogether. Though they’re not particularly difficult to find, it’sContinue Reading Tagged With: ,
Female Masked Duck

Very Rare Duck

The photo is of a very rare masked duck, this particular one is a female. This is the only documented masked duck in the United States. It is normally a very secretive tropical duck and why it’s now in the Valley is speculation. But the most prevalent theory is that the drought has forced itContinue Reading Tagged With: ,

Texas: 10th Annual Ocelot Conservation Festival takes place

Texas: 10th Annual Ocelot Conservation Festival takes place 10th annual Ocelot Festival set for today HARLINGEN – Rio Grande Valley residents get a chance to walk on the wild side Saturday at the 10th annual Ocelot Conservation Festival. The festival runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Marine Military Academy. <div>Read more: <a href=””></a></div>Continue Reading