Good Lighting for Great Bird Photo Opportunities in South Texas

Bright sunny days are pretty common in South Texas at any time of the year but the lighting seems to be even better during the summer months. Although you may have to make adjustments on the camera to deal with harsh sunlight, the lack of dim conditions means that you can get fantastic, high resolutionContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , , , , , ,

Some Raptors from Southern Texas

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The birding in southern Texas is fantastic on pretty much all fronts. Birders flock to High Island and other sites on the gulf shore during April to see thousands of beautiful migrant songbirds. Southern Texas is also fantastic for waterbirds and I take advantage of that fact just about every chance I get because it’s hard toContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , , , ,

A Texas Osprey in Action

The Osprey represents one of those rare conservation stories that has a happy ending. After taking a hit from the effects of DDT, their numbers dropped in Texas and other parts of the United States of America from the 1950s to the 1970s. Since DDT was banned, however, they and other birds of prey have rebounded in a marvelous manner. InContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , ,