Late July Bird and Animal Photography in South Texas

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As July comes to an end in southern Texas, juveniles have fledged from many nests and a number of birds are getting ready to lay a second clutch of eggs. It might be hot outside but it’s a time when you can see confusing immature plumages, watch baby animals being fed by their parents, andContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , , , ,

Some Recent Wildlife Photography Highlights from the Lower Rio Grande Valley

Recent photography forays into the subtropical habitats of southern Texas have been very productive. The other day, I am pretty sure that I saw more raptors than I have ever seen in a span of 4 hours. I must have seen 25 White-tailed Hawks, Harris’s Hawks, American Kestrels, Crested Caracaras, and even an Eastern Screech Owl! Although I didContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , ,