The lagoons and coastal estuaries of southeastern Texas are rich habitats filled with life. This is why I spend so much time there for photography. Sometimes, it seems like no matter where you look, there is a heron, alligator, or Osprey just waiting to be photographed.

White Ibis are commonly seen. With its bald, reddish head, face, and long, decurved bill, this is one of the more exotic looking waterbirds on the coast. Juveniles are less colorful and much more brown than the adults.

Adult White Ibis.

Juvenile and adult White Ibis.

Great Blue Herons are another common species. Only the Wood Stork is larger than these big waders. I am always impressed by how powerful this species is as it snatches large catfish and other prey from the water.

A Great Blue Heron catching a large fish.

A Great Blue Heron with another fish,

The Great Egret is another fairly large, common heron species. Its all white plumage and stately apperance makes it one of the more elegant bird species on the Texas coast.

Great Egret coming in for a landing.

Ducks are also in evidence, two of the most handsome being American Wigeon and Black-bellied Whistling Duck. Both are actually grazers that eat grass and other vegetable matter in and near shallow marshes.

Male American Wigeon


Black-bellied Whistling Duck with babies. This duck species perches in trees.

These are just a few of the many bird species that frequent the lagoons and waterways of southern Texas. Expect to see a lot when you visit the area for birding!


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